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Security News

Software, Supply-Chain Dangers Top List of 5G Cyber Risks

11-10-19 Without naming Huawei, the EU warns on state-backed 5G suppliers.

Imperva: Data Breach Caused by Cloud Misconfiguration

11-10-19 Hackers were able to steal an AWS administrative API key housed in a compute instance left exposed to the public internet.

Fin7 Cybergang Retools With New Malicious Code

11-10-19 A new dropper and payload show that Fin7 isn't going anywhere despite a crackdown on the infamous group by law enforcement in 2018.

Iran-Linked ‘Charming Kitten’ Touts New Spearphishing Tactics

11-10-19 A campaign first observed last year has ramped up its attack methods and appears to be linked to activity targeting President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

vBulletin Flaw Exploited in Dutch Sex-Work Forum Breach

10-10-19 A hacker is selling the email addresses of 250,000 users of a Dutch sex-work forum -- data that researchers say could be used for blackmail.

Cryptomining Crook Steals Game Developer’s Identity to Carry Out Dirty Work

10-10-19 An alleged fraudster built a vast web of AWS cloud accounts, becoming the platform's biggest consumer of data resources.

Sophisticated Spy Kit Targets Russians with Rare GSM Plugin

10-10-19 The Attor malware targets government and diplomatic victims with unusual tactics.

China’s Sway Over Tech Companies Tested with Apple, Blizzard

10-10-19 Apple has been called out by Chinese state-run media as protecting “rioters,” while Blizzard bans a Hearthstone player for supporting Hong Kong.

Apple iTunes Bug Actively Exploited in BitPaymer/iEncrypt Campaign

10-10-19 Attackers exploit an “unquoted path” flaw in the Bonjour updater in iTunes for Windows to deliver ransomware attacks.

HP Touchpoint Analytics Opens PCs to Code Execution Attack

10-10-19 The vulnerability stems from an issue with DLL loading in Open Source Hardware, used by tens of millions of computers, researchers say.

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