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Security News

The Changing Face of Carbanak

19-01-17 Carbanak has moved away from its exclusive focus on financial services, branching out to attacks against hospitality and retail.

ProtonMail Gets Own Tor-Accessible .Onion Hidden Service

19-01-17 Encrypted email service ProtonMail announced early Thursday that it had added its own Tor hidden service.

Locky Limps Back into Action After Lull

19-01-17 Researchers say the Necurs spam botnet is limping back into action with two new campaigns that could be the telltale signs of a future full-scale attack.

Facebook, Researcher at Odds Over Messenger Issue

19-01-17 Facebook dismisses a researcher who says multimedia content sent via Facebook Messenger can be intercepted by a third party under certain conditions.

Android Scoring System Roots Out Malicious, Harmful Apps

19-01-17 Google this week explained how it weighs potentially harmful Android apps using the Verify Apps malware scanner and a scoring system it calls Dead or Insecure.

Justine Bone on St. Jude Vulnerabilities and Medical Device Security

19-01-17 MedSec CEO Justine Bone talks to Mike Mimoso about the St. Jude Medical vulnerabilities, the considerations her company and Muddy Waters made in short selling St. Jude stock, and the current state of medical device security.

Carbanak Using Google Services for Command and Control

18-01-17 Carbanak has surfaced again with new campaigns using Google hosted services such as Forms and Sheets as command and control channels.

Docker Patches Container Escape Vulnerability

18-01-17 Docker has patched a privilege escalation vulnerability that could lead to container escapes, allowing a hacker to affect operations of a host from inside a container.

Oracle Patches 270 Vulnerabilities in Year’s First Critical Patch Update

18-01-17 Oracle patched 270 vulnerabilities, many remotely exploitable, across 45 different products as part of its quarterly Critical Patch Update (CPU) on Tuesday.

Spora Ransomware Offers Victims Unique Payment Options

18-01-17 Researchers are keeping close tabs on a new ransomware strain called Spora that offers victims unique payment options.

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