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Security News

Exchange/Outlook Autodiscover Bug Spills $100K+ Email Passwords

24-09-21 Hundreds of thousands of email credentials, many of which double as Active Directory domain credentials, came through to credential-trapping domains in clear text.

TangleBot Malware Reaches Deep into Android Device Functions

24-09-21 The mobile baddie grants itself access to almost everything, enabling spying, data-harvesting, stalking and fraud attacks, among others.

Critical Cisco Bugs Allow Code Execution on Wireless, SD-WAN

24-09-21 Unauthenticated cyberattackers can also wreak havoc on networking device configurations.

Apple Patches 3 More Zero-Days Under Active Attack

24-09-21 One of the bugs, which affects macOS as well as older versions of iPhones, could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges.

REvil Affiliates Confirm: Leadership Were Cheating Dirtbags

24-09-21 After news of REvil's rip-off-the-affiliates backdoor & double chats, affiliates fumed, reiterating prior claims against the gang in "Hackers Court."

5 Tips for Achieving Better Cybersecurity Risk Management

23-09-21 Casey Ellis, founder, CTO and chairman of Bugcrowd, discusses a roadmap for lowering risk from cyberattacks most effectively.

100M IoT Devices Exposed By Zero-Day Bug

23-09-21 A high-severity vulnerability could cause system crashes, knocking out sensors, medical equipment and more.

FamousSparrow APT Wings in to Spy on Hotels, Governments

23-09-21 A custom "SparrowDoor" backdoor has allowed the attackers to collect data from targets around the globe.

Google Report Spotlights Uptick in Controversial ‘Geofence Warrants’ by Police

23-09-21 Digital privacy rights defenders contend that geofencing warrants grab data on everyone near a crime, without cause.

Acronis Offers up to $5,000 to Users Who Spot Bugs in Its Cyber Protection Products

23-09-21 Once available only to the cybersecurity community, Acronis has opened its bug-hunting program to the public and aims to double the total bounties paid.

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In many countries, for example China, a big part of the internet is restricted. Either by government, ISP or simply by school/work sysadmins.
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