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Security News

Millions of IoT Devices Vulnerable to Z-Wave Downgrade Attacks, Researchers Claim

25-05-18 Millions of IoT devices based on the Z-Wave wireless protocol are vulnerable to a downgrade attack during pairing sessions.

Pet Trackers Open to MITM Attacks, Interception

25-05-18 Several well-rated pet trackers contain flaws stemming from the use of Bluetooth LE, poor certificate handling and more.

Alexa Eavesdropping Flub Re-Sparks Voice Assistant Privacy Debate

25-05-18 After an Alexa speaker recorded and shared a private conversation, the tech community is casting a wary eye on voice assistant privacy issues.

Attackers Cashing In On Cryptocurrency With Increased Scams

25-05-18 As the popularity around cryptocurrency has continued to rise in 2018, it has also paved an easy path for cash-hungry scammers to launch “cryptocurrency giveaway scams.”

What Will GDPR’s Impact Be On U.S. Consumer Privacy?

24-05-18 GDPR may be going in effect Friday, but U.S. citizens have a ways to go before seeing similar privacy regulations from the U.S government.

Intel’s ‘Virtual Fences’ Spectre Fix Won’t Protect Against Variant 4

24-05-18 The new hardware-based protections Intel announced earlier in March it was embedding into new chips will only protect against Spectre and Meltdown – but not the newly disclosed Variant 4, sources said.

Amazon Comes Under Fire for Facial Recognition Platform

24-05-18 Privacy advocates say facial recognition can be an agent of authoritarian surveillance; others say it's an invaluable tool to combat kidnapping, locate lost children and track down criminals on the run.

Schneider Electric Patches XXE Vulnerability In Software

23-05-18 Schneider Electric on Tuesday issued fixes for a vulnerability its SoMachine Basic software that could result in disclosure and retrieval of arbitrary data.

James Comey: FBI Faces Deep Tech-Related Questions

23-05-18 Cloud migration and automated systems, data privacy and encryption all remain central issues for the FBI as it considers its mandate and role in the modern digital age.

Ahead of GDPR, Information Governance Comes into Its Own

23-05-18 A full 98 percent of US enterprises have embarked on information governance (IG) projects, dramatically up from just 10 percent last year.

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