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Security News

Microsoft to Apply California’s Privacy Law to All U.S. Users

12-11-19 The move takes a broader stand to protect user data and support the requirements of CCPA nationwide.

DDoS Attacks Target Amazon, SoftLayer and Telecom Infrastructure

11-11-19 The specific type of TCP attack used in the recent spate of DDoS efforts were TCP SYN-ACK reflection attacks.

ThreatList: Data Breaches Batter Stock Prices at Public Companies, For Months

11-11-19 When it comes to bouncing back, long-term impact to share prices from a data breach incident is significant on average for large companies.

Ransomware Attack Downs Hosting Service SmarterASP.NET

11-11-19 SmarterASP.NET said that it is in the middle of recovering accounts downed by the ransomware attack.

Encrypted Emails on macOS Found Stored in Unprotected Way

11-11-19 Apple is investigating an issue raised by a Mac specialist discovered to be storing emails that are supposed to be S/MIME-encrypted as readable files.

Platinum APT Shines Up New Titanium Backdoor

08-11-19 The trojan was observed as the final payload in a sophisticated and complex malware installation code set.

Understanding the Ripple Effect: Large Enterprise Data Breaches Threaten Everyone

08-11-19 Fallout from giants at the top is one of the largest drivers of cyber-impacts on everyday people and companies.

Art Imitates Life: Lessons from the Final Season of Mr. Robot

08-11-19 Unlike Elliot, real-world adversaries don’t have lofty ideals nor do they suffer crises of conscience.

Pwn2Own Tokyo Roundup: Amazon Echo, Routers, Smart TVs Fall to Hackers

08-11-19 The latest edition of the bi-annual hacking contest saw creative exploits in new device categories.

News Wrap: Voice Assistant Laser Hack, Twitter Insider Threats, Data Breach Fine Fails

08-11-19 From voice assistant hacks to insider threats, Threatpost editors break down this week's biggest news.

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