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Security News

UPDATE: Canon Ransomware Attack Results in Leaked Data, Report

14-08-20 The consumer-electronics giant had suffered partial outages across its U.S. website and internal systems reportedly, thanks to the Maze gang.

Instagram Retained Deleted User Data Despite GDPR Rules

14-08-20 The photo-sharing app retained people’s photos and private direct messages on its servers even after users removed them.

NSA, FBI Warn of Linux Malware Used in Espionage Attacks

13-08-20 A never before seen malware has been used for espionage purposes via Linux systems, warn the NSA and FBI in a joint advisory.

CactusPete APT Hones Toolset, Resurfaces with New Espionage Targets

13-08-20 The APT is becoming more sophisticated over time.

Zoom Faces More Legal Challenges Over End-to-End Encryption

13-08-20 The video-conferencing specialist has yet to roll out full encryption, but it says it's working on it.

New Global Threat Landscape Report Reveals ‘Unprecedented’ Cyberattacks

13-08-20 Fortinet's recently released Global Threat Landscape Report shows how the perimeter is extending to the home in the first half of 2020 - and what that means for cybercrime.

ReVoLTE Attack Allows Hackers to Listen in on Mobile Calls

13-08-20 Rare attack on cellular protocol exploits an encryption-implementation flaw at base stations to record voice calls.

High-Severity TinyMCE Cross-Site Scripting Flaw Fixed

13-08-20 The cross-site scripting flaw could enable arbitrary code execution, information disclosure - and even account takeover.

Amazon Alexa ‘One-Click’ Attack Can Divulge Personal Data

13-08-20 Researchers disclosed flaws in Amazon Alexa that could allow attackers to access personal data and install skills on Echo devices.

Citrix Warns of Critical Flaws in XenMobile Server

12-08-20 Citrix said that it anticipates malicious actors "will move quickly to exploit" two critical flaws in its mobile device management software.

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