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Security News

80K Retail WooCommerce Sites Exposed by Plugin XSS Bug

01-12-21 The Variation Swatches plugin security flaw lets attackers with low-level permissions tweak important settings on e-commerce sites to inject malicious scripts.

Stealthy ‘WIRTE’ Gang Targets Middle Eastern Governments

01-12-21 Kaspersky researchers suspect that the cyberattackers may be a subgroup of the politically motivated, Palestine-focused Gaza Cybergang.

Widespread ‘Smishing’ Campaign Defrauds Iranian Android Users

01-12-21 Attackers use socially engineered SMS messages and malware to compromise tens of thousands of devices and drain user bank accounts.

How Decryption of Network Traffic Can Improve Security

30-11-21 Most industry analyst firms conclude that between 80-90 percent of network traffic is encrypted today. Jeff Costlow, CISO at ExtraHop, explains why this might not be a good thing.

Lloyd’s Carves Out Cyber-Insurance Exclusions for State-Sponsored Attacks

30-11-21 The insurer won’t pay for 'acts of cyber-war' or nation-state retaliation attacks.   

Finland Faces Blizzard of Flubot-Spreading Text Messages

30-11-21 Millions of texts leading to the Flubot spyware/banking trojan are targeting everyone who uses Androids in the country, in an "exceptional" attack.

Panasonic’s Data Breach Leaves Open Questions

30-11-21 Cyberattackers had unfettered access to the technology giant's file server for four months.

Yanluowang Ransomware Tied to Thieflock Threat Actor

30-11-21 Links between the tactics and tools demonstrated in attacks suggest a former affiliate has switched loyalties, according to new research.

IKEA Hit by Email Reply-Chain Cyberattack

29-11-21 UPDATE: As of Tuesday, IKEA declined to say whether the cyberattack was still ongoing. IKEA warned employees on Friday that an ongoing cyberattack was using internal emails to malspam malicious links in active email threads.

Researchers Flag 300K Banking Trojan Infections from Google Play in 4 Months

29-11-21 Attackers are honing Google Play dropper campaigns, overcoming app store restrictions.

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