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Security News

Security Watch: Elon Musk’s NeuraLink Links Brains to iPhones via Bluetooth

18-07-19 Directly linking thoughts to a phone via Bluetooth -- what could go wrong?

Mirai Botnet Sees Big 2019 Growth, Shifts Focus to Enterprises

18-07-19 Mirai activity has nearly doubled between the first quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019.

Slack Initiates Mass Password Reset

18-07-19 More victims of a 2015 credential-harvesting incident have come to light.

Google Triples Some Bug Bounty Payouts

18-07-19 Google is announcing much higher bug bounty payouts for Chrome, Chrome OS and Google Play.

Ke3chang APT Linked to Previously Undocumented Backdoor

18-07-19 The cyberspy group's activities are broader than originally thought.

Wormable BlueKeep Bug Still Threatens Legions of Windows Systems

17-07-19 Two months after the alarm sounded warning of a WannaCry-level event, progress in patching exposed Windows systems varies by country and industry.

Firmware Bugs Plague Server Supply Chain, 7 Vendors Impacted

17-07-19 Lenovo, Acer and five additional server manufacturers are hit with supply-chain bugs buried in motherboard firmware.

Bluetooth Flaws Could Allow Global Tracking of Apple, Windows 10 Devices

17-07-19 Identifying tokens and random addresses, meant to create anonymity, do not change in sync on some devices -- opening an attack vector.

Massive Malvertising Campaign Reaches 100M Ads, Manipulates Supply Chain

17-07-19 A sophisticated and growing malvertising attacker is partnering with legitimate ad tech platforms to drop malware at scale.

StrongPity APT Returns with Retooled Spyware

17-07-19 The group is using malicious versions of WinRAR and other legitimate software packages to infect targets, likely via watering-hole attacks.

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