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Security News

Dyn DDoS Could Have Topped 1 Tbps

27-10-16 Analysis by DNS provider Dyn hints that more than 1 terabyte per second of traffic may have been used in last week's massive DDoS attack that impacted Internet service on the East Coast.

Keen Lab Takes Down iPhone 6S, Nexus 6P at Mobile Pwn2Own

27-10-16 Hackers with Keen Team identified vulnerabilities in iOS 10.1 and Android Nougat at Mobile Pwn2Own this week.

Windows Atom Tables Can Be Abused for Code Injection Attacks

27-10-16 Attackers can leverage a design weakness in all versions of Windows to carry out code injection attacks that bypass detection by security software.

Joomla Update Fixes Two Critical Issues, 2FA Error

26-10-16 Joomla fixed two critical issues in the content management system and is strongly encouraging users to update their sites immediately.

Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities Plague LibTIFF Library

26-10-16 Three vulnerabilities, all which can lead to remote code execution, exist in the LibTIFF library.

Adobe Patches Flash Zero Day Under Attack

26-10-16 Adobe released an emergency Flash Player update that patches a use-after-free vulnerability being exploited in targeted attacks.

Lawmakers Asking What ISPs Can Do About DDoS Attacks

26-10-16 Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia wrote a letter to the heads of the FCC, FTC and DHS asking whether ISPs have the power to keep insecure connected devices off the public Internet.

Major Vulnerability Found In Schneider Electric Unity Pro

26-10-16 Researchers find a vulnerability in industrial control system manufacturer Schneider Electric’s flagship software for managing and programing industrial controls.

Dyn DDoS Work of Script Kiddies, Not Politically Motivated Hackers

25-10-16 Researchers at Flashpoint said Friday's DDoS attack against DNS provider Dyn was likely the work of script kiddies and not advanced attackers.

Following Lull, New Campaigns Pushing Retooled ‘Pumpkin’ Locky

25-10-16 Researchers said they observed three separate spam campaigns pushing an updated version of Locky on Monday.

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